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Welcome to our shop that is changing the way we shop and store our food.  My family and I began this journey in our own kitchen when I made a decision to reduce and eliminate plastic in my home. It began with not using plastic bags for shopping and storing our fresh produce.  My Mom made a cucumber bag which I then altered and added personalisation.  By adding the personalisation each one of us would have our own bag and no more arguments.  My daughter Sinead, who is autistic, loves her cucumber bag and carrot bag as she can find them easily within the fridge and makes her life more structured.

Returning back to traditional ways is making our lives more environmentally friendly by reusing and refilling our cotton and linen bags. #notoplastic

My flower bag is my design as I love flowers yet hated them being wrapped in plastic so I created my flower bag with the intention of being able to be reused and refilled.  Making sure the flowers do survive the trip home and are able to retain their moisture in their stems the use of beeswax was used on the tip of the bag.

As The Bag UK grows our home will be filled with lovely homewares which can be used for generations to come and never to see plastic again.  We want you and you family to be on the journey with us as we change the world for everyone.

The name The Bag UK comes from the idea that all things come home in a bag and we are in the United Kingdom uniting everyone in changing the way we Shop and Store our Food.

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